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When engraving machines are used to engrave non-metallic materials such as extruded acrylic sheets or cast acrylic sheets, they usually have sticky knives. The main reason is that the cutting heat is large, which causes the cutting edges of the material to melt. The usual solutions are: (1) Replace sharp tools: sharp tools can reduce […]

Acrylic products are very adaptable to the natural environment. Although the performance of sunlight and wind and rain will not change its performance for a long time, the anti-aging performance of acrylic products is very good, even if it is outdoors, it can be used with confidence. Therefore, acrylic products are widely used. What if […]

Acrylic display stands are everywhere in shopping malls and supermarkets. Whether it is food, clothing, accessories, all items need to be presented to consumers through the display stand. Acrylic display stand has beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And the boutique display stand is beautiful, noble and elegant, […]

Features of the new acrylic sheet:Excellent optical properties (strong light transmittance to 92%); high gloss, bright color, fullness, smoothness, good hardness, chemical resistance, stability and deformation; a wide variety of products, bright color, various surface effects ; stable physical properties (easy to form, plastic); strong UV resistance, not easy to oxidize (high temperature and low […]

Store signs can also be called facade signs, advertising signs. Their names are similar, the definition of nature is not the same, but their role and design principles are common, are used to refer to the name and logo of the store, It is also an effective form of advertising, mainly used to guide customers, […]