After more than ten years of experience in the production of acrylic factories, it is concluded that acrylic products are more popular in China and the United States. This also lays the foundation for why acrylic factories are basically located in the coastal areas of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan, while the mainland acrylic industry is […]

Acrylic flower box

January 4, 2022

Life is more than just chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Nowadays, more and more young people like to express their emotions by giving gifts to each other, especially on special days like Valentine’s Day. Businessmen will naturally not miss such a feast. Many gifts are in “love”. The concept of packaging has […]

A sign is a tool for information transmission through visual prompts; whether it is a high-rise building or a street, all kinds of signage can be seen everywhere in our daily work and life. In pursuit of quality consumption today, signage is also advancing with the times; in order to better play its role, a […]

With the improvement of modern living standards, people’s awareness of food safety has gradually increased. In addition to the sanitation of the food itself, the carrier used to hold food has also attracted much attention; in recent years, acrylic has undergone continuous processing and The posture enters the mass market, and it is increasingly used […]

1. Observation This is a way to distinguish according to the material characteristics of acrylic itself. When we buy acrylic, we need to see whether the acrylic sheet is discolored or the brightness is not high. If this happens, it means that the quality of acrylic is not good. 2. Combustion method It is recommended […]

Acrylic is polymerized by methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA), that is, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet. Acrylic processed by a special process has the reputation of “plastic queen” and “plastic crystal”. The physics of acrylic Its characteristics determine its best choice as a transparent swimming pool material. Has all the advantages of glass:Acrylic is a kind of […]

Acrylic storage boxes, acrylic display boxes, acrylic packaging boxes, etc. that we often see belong to acrylic boxes. After careful creation and modification, various shapes of acrylic boxes appeared, attracting the attention of the masses. Acrylic box is very convenient and simple in use, and it is used in all walks of life in daily […]

Reception equipmentAcrylic hotel supplies have reception conditions that are compatible with hotel design and specifications. Including reception reception hall, general service desk (including reception desk, inquiry desk, cash desk), business center, valuables storage, lobby assistant manager reception desk, etc. Guest room equipmentIt has room facilities that are compatible with the design and specifications of the […]

Many people consider the degree of heat resistance of acrylic when purchasing acrylic products, especially when purchasing products for outdoor use. So how much can acrylic be resistant to high temperature? Now Sunday Knight Co . Ltd -acrylic professional answers your questions! The temperature resistance of acrylic is actually not high. Many people say that […]

Some customers who need to make acrylic products do not know the cost of acrylic products. It is difficult to find relevant information online. Professional China acrylic manufacturer -Sunday Knight Co Ltd will share with customers how to calculate the cost of acrylic products. This will help customers better understand the cost of custom acrylic […]

There is definitely a loss in the process of acrylic processing. It can not be avoided, but we can reduce the loss. If you want to reduce the loss, you should pay attention to all aspects of the details. Here are some tips for production of acrylic products 1, Do not directly touch the wind […]

As acrylic products are more and more popular among merchants and consumers, the market is full of acrylic products with different prices and quality, but many merchants and consumers do not know how to choose a high-quality acrylic products. Acrylic furniture is favored by many consumers with its good performance and modern appearance. Sunday Knight […]

1, Cutting material: Cutting the acrylic sheet with a cutting machine, this needs to clarify the size of the acrylic product, in order to accurately open the material, so as to avoid material waste. 2, Engraving: After the cutting is completed, the acrylic sheet is initially engraved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic […]

When engraving machines are used to engrave non-metallic materials such as extruded acrylic sheets or cast acrylic sheets, they usually have sticky knives. The main reason is that the cutting heat is large, which causes the cutting edges of the material to melt. The usual solutions are: (1) Replace sharp tools: sharp tools can reduce […]

Acrylic products are very adaptable to the natural environment. Although the performance of sunlight and wind and rain will not change its performance for a long time, the anti-aging performance of acrylic products is very good, even if it is outdoors, it can be used with confidence. Therefore, acrylic products are widely used. What if […]

Acrylic display stands are everywhere in shopping malls and supermarkets. Whether it is food, clothing, accessories, all items need to be presented to consumers through the display stand. Acrylic display stand has beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And the boutique display stand is beautiful, noble and elegant, […]

Features of the new acrylic sheet:Excellent optical properties (strong light transmittance to 92%); high gloss, bright color, fullness, smoothness, good hardness, chemical resistance, stability and deformation; a wide variety of products, bright color, various surface effects ; stable physical properties (easy to form, plastic); strong UV resistance, not easy to oxidize (high temperature and low […]

Store signs can also be called facade signs, advertising signs. Their names are similar, the definition of nature is not the same, but their role and design principles are common, are used to refer to the name and logo of the store, It is also an effective form of advertising, mainly used to guide customers, […]

Acrylic appears in almost every aspect of life and can make almost any product in life. In the process of making acrylic display racks, the materials can be screen printing, laser engraving, flame polishing, flat printing, hot bending and blistering. These characteristics are very difficult to achieve by conventional industrial injection molding. Because the toughness […]

Everyone needs to know that the material of acrylic is environmentally friendly. The unit price of the acrylic display stand is mainly determined by the quality, thickness and manpower. Acrylic sheets are divided into extruded sheets and cast sheets. The extruded acrylic sheets are relatively cheaper. The transparency of the extruded sheets is only 92% […]

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