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Features of the new acrylic sheet:Excellent optical properties (strong light transmittance to 92%); high gloss, bright color, fullness, smoothness, good hardness, chemical resistance, stability and deformation; a wide variety of products, bright color, various surface effects ; stable physical properties (easy to form, plastic); strong UV resistance, not easy to oxidize (high temperature and low […]

Store signs can also be called facade signs, advertising signs. Their names are similar, the definition of nature is not the same, but their role and design principles are common, are used to refer to the name and logo of the store, It is also an effective form of advertising, mainly used to guide customers, […]

Acrylic appears in almost every aspect of life and can make almost any product in life. In the process of making acrylic display racks, the materials can be screen printing, laser engraving, flame polishing, flat printing, hot bending and blistering. These characteristics are very difficult to achieve by conventional industrial injection molding. Because the toughness […]

Everyone needs to know that the material of acrylic is environmentally friendly. The unit price of the acrylic display stand is mainly determined by the quality, thickness and manpower. Acrylic sheets are divided into extruded sheets and cast sheets. The extruded acrylic sheets are relatively cheaper. The transparency of the extruded sheets is only 92% […]

With regards to showing information and facts to your prospects, table tents and sign holder could do this work. While using the photos ,warning or maybe selection in these sign holder, which is produced from acrylic ,they offer a definite check out your customers In accordance with the enterprise variety, you can find kinds of acrylic sign […]