1, Cutting material: Cutting the acrylic sheet with a cutting machine, this needs to clarify the size of the acrylic product, in order to accurately open the material, so as to avoid material waste.

2, Engraving: After the cutting is completed, the acrylic sheet is initially engraved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic product, and carved into patterns of different shapes.

3, Trimming: After cutting or engraving, the edge of the acrylic sheet is rough, so the acrylic trimming process is used, and the trimming machine is used.

4, Punch: This process is based on the needs of acrylic products. Some acrylic products have small round holes. In this step, the punching process is used.

5, Polishing: After cutting, engraving and punching, the edges are rough and easy to scratch. Therefore, the polishing process is used. Polishing is also divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire polishing. It is necessary to choose different products according to the product. Polishing method. The specific method of distinguishing the polishing process of acrylic products.

6, Tear paper: The tearing process is the step of processing before the silk screen and hot bending process, because the acrylic sheet will have a layer of protective paper after leaving the factory, and the sticker attached to the acrylic board must be removed before silk screen printing and hot bending.

7, Silk screen: using the most advanced screen printing, four-color dot printing and other technologies. This step is generally a customer needs to display their own brand LOGO or slogan will choose silk screen, silk screen is divided into monochrome silk screen and four color (CNYK) silk screen two kinds of silk screen. You can learn more about the silk screen printing process of acrylic products.

8, Hot Bending: Acrylic can be transformed into different shapes by hot bending, and also divided into local hot bending and overall hot bending in hot bending. Specifically, you can view the hot bending process of acrylic products.

9, Assembly: The assembly of multiple components of the acrylic product is carried out by means of glue, paste and the like.

10, Packaging: The final inspection of the product quality, after the determination is correct, the product is packaged and shipped.

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