Acrylic display stands are everywhere in shopping malls and supermarkets. Whether it is food, clothing, accessories, all items need to be presented to consumers through the display stand. Acrylic display stand has beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And the boutique display stand is beautiful, noble and elegant, and has a good decorative effect.

At present, the acrylic display stand has been widely recognized and applied by many companies in various fields and industries as a display exhibit with excellent performance. Acrylic display stands can be found in large and medium-sized cities in China, and their applications include cosmetics display, jewelry display, digital product display, mobile phone display, high-end wine display, high-end watch display and so on.

Acrylic handicraft manufacturers Sunday Knight Co Ltd with design and manufacturing experience believe that with the increasing use of acrylic display stands, they must follow the corresponding material selection principles when designing and manufacturing, so as to achieve the best cost performance and maximize value, to avoid unnecessary waste.

The first thing to do is to clarify the product characteristics that the company needs to display. In the manufacture of materials, it is necessary to determine the basic elements such as the weight, size and color of the products displayed, and avoid the selection of plates that are too far apart from the product characteristics or create visual conflict or fatigue.

Second, we must combine the visual system of corporate culture. Choosing the color that is consistent with the visual system of the corporate culture enables the acrylic display stand to be effectively integrated with the corporate culture and integrated into the corporate visual system.

The third is to select materials according to the design shape. Choosing a plate that is more in line with the design shape can effectively save the plate and avoid odorless waste, which is a responsible corporate behavior for the environment and for the guests. Acrylic display manufacturers believe that in the design and manufacture of acrylic display stands, material selection is a key link.

Therefore, while ensuring quality, in the design process, we must consider how to select materials; in the manufacturing process, we must consider how to save materials and achieve the best results. Only the excellent design + careful selection + meticulous manufacturing can provide guests with a beautiful acrylic display stand.