Mobile phone display alarm, etc., is a shelf with a remote alarm function, remote control switch system, a backup rechargeable lithium battery. It is suit for all types of mobile phones, cameras, mobile phones, MP4 and other consumer electronics products really safe display of the machine.

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As the rapid development of today’s mobile phone industry, mobile products with each passing day, a variety of functions can not be guided by the simple “talk” marketing can be completed.  Mobile phone marketing is from the “narrative” to “experience” to upgrade, so the mobile phone anti-theft display stand came into being. The product is mainly used in large stores, major mobile phone brand stores and so on.

1, Mobile phone display anti-theft device can display Apple phones, Andrews smart phones, etc., using infrared remote control code, safe and reliable.

2, You can show the Apple phone, Andrews smartphone, Nokia and other mobile phone charging, to solve the problem because the phone did not affect the customer experience.

3, Easy to operate, items neat appearance beautiful, reliable, while ensuring the safety of goods at the same time so that customers at a glance.

4, Increase the customer experience, so that guests in the store an average stay time increased 3-10 times, to create more sales miracle.

5, To solve the traditional marketing model in the salesman too busy or impatient to the loss of the drawbacks of customers.

6, Reduce the human cost of 50%, saving space up to 70%, to meet the marketing trends, fully integrated into the show and safe and consider the experience of marketing design.

7, Mobile phone display when the alarm is fully charged when the alarm can be more than 4 hours, do not alarm the phone does not charge the case of continuous standby with more than 3 months.