Acrylic storage boxes, acrylic display boxes, acrylic packaging boxes, etc. that we often see belong to acrylic boxes. After careful creation and modification, various shapes of acrylic boxes appeared, attracting the attention of the masses. Acrylic box is very convenient and simple in use, and it is used in all walks of life in daily life. It can make the messy space tidy and make monotonous storage vivid. Provides great convenience to our lives. Sunday Knight Co Ltd will give us a brief introduction to the tips of using acrylic boxes.

  1. Acrylic has a large coefficient of thermal expansion. When installing or fixing, elastic space should be considered to cope with temperature changes.
  2. If the acrylic product box is damaged, it can be repaired with IPS adhesive glue, methylene chloride adhesive or quick-drying agent.
  3. In order to keep the acrylic box bright and bright, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe with a soft cloth; when cleaning the acrylic box, only use 1% soapy water, use a soft cotton cloth to dampen the soapy water, and do not use hard objects or dry rub.
  4. Acrylic will be deformed at a temperature of about 70 degrees, will soften when heated to more than 100 degrees, so you should avoid using acrylic boxes in environments above 100 degrees.

The above four points are the main contents introduced by Sunday Knight Co Ltd. We believe everyone has a brief understanding of the tips for using acrylic boxes. Sunday Knight Co Ltd is a professional acrylic box manufacturer. The company has a professional acrylic box production team, and has a wealth of acrylic box production experience. Relying on high-quality products and services, it has won the trust and affirmation of the new and old customers.