Features of the new acrylic sheet:
Excellent optical properties (strong light transmittance to 92%); high gloss, bright color, fullness, smoothness, good hardness, chemical resistance, stability and deformation; a wide variety of products, bright color, various surface effects ; stable physical properties (easy to form, plastic); strong UV resistance, not easy to oxidize (high temperature and low temperature deformation ability, high temperature resistance 70 degrees, low temperature 50 degrees); green, waste can be recycled and reused, excellent surface hardness and Scratch resistance, easy to clean, maintenance, no fading or tarnishing for many years, no cracking. Excellent impact resistance for installation.

The recycled acrylic sheet is a thermally degraded MMA (methyl methacrylate) monomer which is then chemically polymerized. After a rigorous process, pure methyl methacrylate monomer can be obtained, which is no different in quality from the newly synthesized monomer. However, the degradation of the monomer is produced, the purity is not high, and the quality and performance of the sheet are poor after molding.

How to identify brand new acrylic sheets and recycled acrylic sheets?

Brand new transparent acrylic sheet:
(1), the light transmittance is greater than 92%, the cross section is transparent and colorless
(2), excellent UV resistance, no fading for 5-8 years, light loss, yellowing, cracking
(3), high surface hardness, aluminum and brass instead of
(4), crack resistance and excellent chemical properties
(5), high quality protective film that provides adequate protection.

Recycled transparent acrylic sheet:
(1), light transmittance is less than 86%, part yellow
(2), UV resistance is very poor, as long as June will turn yellow, the sun is easy to crack
(3), low surface hardness, easy to scratch
(4), easy to crack
(5), The quality of the protective film is poor and it is easy to age and deteriorate.

Ways to identify recycled acrylic sheets:
(1), The appearance of the recovery board turns yellow.
(2), The surface is easily scratched and the cut is a pungent odor.
(3), Thermoforming heating, easy to produce bubble deformation.
(4), Paint, ink sensitive, prone to silver streaks or cracks.
(5), When burning, it emits black smoke and has a pungent odor.