A sign is a tool for information transmission through visual prompts; whether it is a high-rise building or a street, all kinds of signage can be seen everywhere in our daily work and life.

In pursuit of quality consumption today, signage is also advancing with the times; in order to better play its role, a more natural and beautiful design is required, and the material of signage has also changed from wood to more durable acrylic; as the “new favorite of the signage industry” “Nowadays, acrylic signs can be seen everywhere.

Under normal circumstances, acrylic signboards are composed of acrylic plates, acrylic characters, adhesives, and light-emitting tubes. Compared with traditional signboards, they are beautiful, dazzling, and more visible. They are widely used in office buildings and institutions. Buildings, shopping malls, shops, factory workshops, movie theaters and other scenes, such as various billboards, signs, house numbers, desk cards, hang tags, OEMs, etc.

Acrylic has the reputation of “plastic crystal”, with smooth surface and beautiful appearance; combined with light, it can emit different colors, has a sense of suspension, and can be well integrated into the space. Acrylic material has good adaptability and sprayability. The use of appropriate printing and spraying processes can give acrylic products an ideal surface decoration effect; it has both texture and transparency, and the graphics on the acrylic sign are more beautiful and more three-dimensional level.

Acrylic signs have a high degree of recognition, visually, have a clearer display effect, can effectively convey the information that businesses want to display, and leave a deep impression on people.

Acrylic material is very plastic and can be processed in different shapes according to creative design. This also gives acrylic signboards excellent styling functions; and there are many varieties, which can provide designers with a variety of options, including dyeing, painting, and silk screen printing. And vacuum coating, the acrylic signs produced are of various types.

Acrylic sign is not a simple sign, but a work of art that is integrated with the environment; in addition to meeting the information transmission of general signage, it can also play a decorative role and achieve a high degree of unity in practical value and aesthetic art. These characteristics The signage will be eye-catching when placed there.

Although the acrylic sign is made of chemical materials, it is non-toxic and can be in close contact with the human body. Acrylic material has excellent insulation performance, can be connected to various electrical equipment, greatly reduces safety hazards, has good protection for the built-in light source, and can extend the life of the built-in light source; strong impact resistance, more than ten times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in The public area is especially suitable for large billboards and signs.

The surface of the acrylic sign is smooth, and it can be washed away by natural rain when placed outdoors, and it can be wiped clean with soapy water when necessary; it is also resistant to acid and alkali, and will not be hydrolyzed and corroded by the sun and rain all year round. , Can withstand the test of time, not easy to be damaged; professional UV absorption treatment acrylic sign, durable and weather-resistant, not easy to fade.

How to create a wonderful acrylic sign?
For businesses, a sign is a small part of the business process, but it is related to the consumer’s service experience. Acrylic sign design is not a simple arrangement of pictures and texts, but as a scenario to conceive. In the design, it is necessary to add memory elements to ensure recognition; the style of acrylic signs can be ever-changing, but the font should fit the theme and pattern style; avoid excessive colors, simple and convenient, and easier to impress; clever application Popular elements can also make acrylic signs more attractive.

Of course, in addition to the above points, careful selection of high-quality acrylic sheets is also the top priority. Xintao Acrylic has crystal-like transparency, with a light transmittance of up to 93%; strong plasticity, easy processing; strong impact resistance, not easy to break; Strong repairability and easy maintenance; various product specifications, colors can be customized according to customer requirements; combined with creative design and processing technology, you can create acrylic signs with good visual effects, good transparency, strong durability, and easy cleaning. Over the years, Sunday Knight Co Ltd acrylic has been very popular in the market due to its many advantages such as beautiful appearance, durability, high quality, and individuality.