Some customers who need to make acrylic products do not know the cost of acrylic products. It is difficult to find relevant information online. Professional China acrylic manufacturer -Sunday Knight Co Ltd will share with customers how to calculate the cost of acrylic products. This will help customers better understand the cost of custom acrylic products.

There are five major components of the cost of acrylic products. One is the cost of materials, the other is labor costs, the third is packaging costs, the fourth is transportation costs, and five are taxes.

  1. Material cost: Material cost is one of the main costs of acrylic products. There is a certain fluctuation in this part because the price of materials sometimes rises and sometimes falls, but in general the cost of materials accounts for about 25-40%. Of course, this ratio is not absolute. Some products have complicated design, more material will be wasted in cutting materials, and the cost of natural materials will be high. There is also the quality of the materials, and the differences between the different materials also cause the price of the finished product.
  2. Labor costs: With the development of the economy, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and now labor costs have accounted for a very large proportion, most likely reaching 40-50%. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good quality during the processing of acrylic products. If rework is performed, labor costs will increase.
  3. Packaging and transportation costs: The cost factors that affect the price of acrylic products mainly include packaging and transportation costs. Workers are very time consuming and laborious in packing acrylic products. Acrylic products generally need to be transported from the manufacturer to the merchant’s store. Logistics costs are unavoidable. As for the level, it depends on the regional differences or special requirements for the packaging of acrylic products. The price will become expensive.
  4. Tax: China’s tax is relatively high, which also accounts for a certain proportion. This cost should be well understood by customers and will not be introduced.

Of course, the above is the main cost of acrylic products, and some people have design costs, etc. When customers choose the best price for acrylic manufacturers, they need to find a regular acrylic manufacturer’s quote. You can also find more comparisons. Also welcome everyone to learn more from Sunday Knight Co Ltd.