The Features and Functions Acrylic Display

Acrylic is widely used, not only in commercial, light industry, construction, chemical, and other aspects. And acrylic, is widely used in advertising decoration, sand table model, such as: signs, billboards, light box panel and the Sino-British letter panel.
Selection depends on the design, what shape, what kind of acrylic, color, variety must be repeatedly tested to achieve the best results. With good design, but also on the careful manufacture, in order to become a beautiful arts and crafts.

Acrylic Feature
The acrylic surface is smooth, colorful, small proportion, strength, corrosion resistance, humidity, light fastness, good insulation, sound insulation is good.

Acrylic Shape
Can be in charge of shaped wood, rod material, three kinds of plate-shaped material.

Colored transparent acrylic: commonly known as color plates. Translucent and soft, light boxes made of it, handicrafts, makes people feel comfortable and generous. Of organic chandelier of colored glass:
Transparent colored, translucent colored, opaque colored three. Magnetic acrylic luster better than pearl acrylic bright, crisp, brittle, suitable for production of the dial, boxes, medical equipment and people, animals molding material. Transparent plexiglass: a high degree of transparency, should the system lamps. Chandelier made of it, exquisitely carved and crystal clarity. Translucent plexiglass similar to frosted glass, reflective soft, handicrafts made of it, makes people feel comfortable and generous. Colorless, transparent organic chandeliers, exquisitely carved and crystal clarity.

Pearl acrylic: pearl powder or phosphor book into a join in the general acrylic. Acrylic color such bright, high surface finish, the outside form after mold pressing, even polished polishing, still maintaining the molded pattern, forming the sole objects of artistic effect. It can make figures, animal shapes, trade marks, decorations and promotional display material.

Acrylic embossing: sub-transparent, translucent colorless, brittle, easily broken, suitable for production.(This article comes from )