As acrylic products are more and more popular among merchants and consumers, the market is full of acrylic products with different prices and quality, but many merchants and consumers do not know how to choose a high-quality acrylic products. Acrylic furniture is favored by many consumers with its good performance and modern appearance. Sunday Knight Co Lt is a professional acrylic furniture factory, here are some simple selection methods from Sunday Knight Co Ltd:

1, The color of the acrylic

The edge of the high quality acrylic raw material should be transparent. If it is yellow, discolored, and bun, it is definitely a defective product. If the color of the plate is too yellow, it should be recycled material.

2, The light transmittance of acrylic

Good acrylic products should have better light transmission, the transmittance can reach 92%, the quality of the superior acrylic products should have good light transmission and transparency. If the surface turbid, it is definitely not a good quality furniture.

3, Feel the surface

By touching the acrylic products, if the acrylic surface is smooth, round, delicate, feel good, and it is not easy to leave traces of the finger is the best.

4, Test bearing capacity

The stability and bearing capacity of good acrylic products are definitely better. Within the standard load range, no deformation or distortion should occur when placing items at will.

5, Listening to the sound

If you hit the surface or corner of acrylic products, the sound is not crisp and boring is true, and if the sound is relatively crisp, it may be PS material posing as acrylic products.