Everyone needs to know that the material of acrylic is environmentally friendly. The unit price of the acrylic display stand is mainly determined by the quality, thickness and manpower.

Acrylic sheets are divided into extruded sheets and cast sheets. The extruded acrylic sheets are relatively cheaper. The transparency of the extruded sheets is only 92% or more. And there are a few pitting on the edges, but the advantage of the extruded sheets is that the tolerances are small. The cast acrylic sheet has a relatively high transparency, up to 98%. The surface is flat, the side is not yellow, completely transparent, and free of impurities, so the price of the casting plate will be slightly higher.

In the market, an ordinary folding tablet display stand is made by the brand customer itself to the direct factory, so the unit price is generally around ¥10-15, and the price of the batch is cheaper. The audio display stand in the store, the internal assembly power supply, can be powered, the price of this display rack is generally between ¥30-80, it is not very expensive. A single mobile phone bending frame is cheaper, generally between ¥5-10 yuan. If it is a three-panel combination display stand, the price is between ¥80-120. The main price is to see your style simplicity and specific size.

Acrylic display stands can be used approx 5-8 years, but with the development of new products.  Many display stands have also been eliminated, so the design of acrylic display stand needs to be considered for a long time. You need to be able to change the slogan anytime. Anywhere, so that all year round the product is free to change. The display stand is still the original display stand, such display stand is the most cost-effective.
What are the main characteristics of the acrylic display stand?
1. The high transparency of the acrylic display stand:

Acrylic is currently the most excellent polymer transparent material with a light transmittance of 92%, which is higher than that of glass. The tube of the sun light called the artificial sun is made of quartz because the quartz is completely transparent to ultraviolet light. Ordinary glass can only pass 0.6% of ultraviolet light, but acrylic can pass 73%.

2. Acrylic display has high mechanical strength:

Acrylic in the acrylic display stand has a relative molecular mass of about 2 million. It is a long-chain polymer compound, and the molecular chain is very soft. Therefore, the strength of acrylic is relatively high, and the tensile and impact resistance is better than ordinary glass. 7-18 times higher. There is a heated and stretched acrylic, in which the molecular segments are arranged in a very orderly manner, resulting in a significant increase in the toughness of the material. Nail is nailed into this acrylic, and even if the nail penetrates, there is no
crack on the acrylic. This acrylic will not break into pieces after being broken by bullets. Therefore, the stretched acrylic can be used as a bulletproof glass and also as a canopy on a military aircraft.